SALT Textiles


Each SALT object is cut, sewn and dyed by hand, using sustainably sourced fabrics and natural dyes.
We use conscious processes and materials where possible and to minimise waste SALT objects are made to order.

A limited collection of SALT objects are currently available at STRAW London.

SALT WORKSHOP: An exploration of dyes

SALT WORKSHOP: An exploration of dyes


Natural dyeing is an ancient practice, first used by our ancestors to colour their homes and clothing. This beautiful process, lost under the weight of fast-fashion and mass consumption, can be done simply with wonders from our world and the care of our hands, allowing us to work in harmony with our environment, creating sustainable textiles to enjoy season after season. 

This full day SALT workshop is a deep exploration into natural dyes, re-educating ourselves on these slow methods of making. We’ll learn about natural fibres and their behaviours. With guidance we’ll be experimenting with different mordants, types of dye matter, mineral manipulation and techniques that reveal and transform colour. 

You’ll take home your own naturally tote bag, dyed swatches and a bounty of knowledge to continue your dyeing practice at home.

Date: Saturday 9th November
Time: 11am until 5pm
Place: Henri, Hackney

If you have any questions please contact SALT. 


Workshop costs include all materials. Due to the nature of the workshop spaces for this offering are limited. No refunds available seven days before the workshop.

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